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i-FunBox for Windows, Mac 2.16
- 16.8 MB ( Freeware ) Mobile tools
Tên phần mềm i-FunBox for Windows, Mac 2.16
Tên file
Kích thước 16.8 MB
Yêu cầu hệ thống Windows
Bản quyền Freeware
Nhà cung cấp
Dung lượng 16.8 MB

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5,334 lượt download

 iFunBox là một phần mềm cho PC nhận iPhone như một ổ cứng , chuyền dữ liệu qua lại với một tốc độ khá nhanh .
i-FunBox Highlights: 

Total Control of iPhone File System
Manage files on your iPhone in a way just like Windows Explorer but more robust and friendly. Easily transmit files and folders to your computer with the performance optimized file transfer.

Hi-Speed General Purpose Storage
Use your iPhone as an USB Portable Disk for general files. Exploit the large flash memory on iPhone with transmission speed beyond 5MB/s.

Backup Music and Movie from iPhone/iPod 
Download Apple iTunes© managed audio and video in iPhone or iPod to PC as a backup copy. Never lose your favorite albums or movies. 

Flexible Batch Wallpaper Uploader
Automatically convert and upload batches of images to iPhone as wallpaper. Any image size is supported including photos from professional cameras. 

iPhone File Manager
> Navigation, Upload and Download
> Quick Preview, Drag&Drop 
> Delete, Rename and Move 
> Asian / Long Filename Support

iPhone Portable Disk
> Realtime Progress Indicator
> High Speed Data Transmission 
> Scheduled Data Transferring
> Recursive Copy Subfolders

iPod Music & Movie Backup
> iTunes© Managed Media Files
> Browse Media Clips
> Sort and Selection
> Copy to PC with Friendly Title

Upload Wallpaper in Batch
> Wallpapers in iPhone
> Batch Uploading and Conversion 
> Change Image Resolution
> High Quality Image Resizing

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