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iPhone PC Suite

iPhone PC Suite

Net Dragon - 28.10 MB ( Freeware ) Mobile tools
Tên phần mềm

iPhone PC Suite

Tên file ipcsuite_for_iphone_v2.6.2.108.exe
Kích thước 28.10 MB
Yêu cầu hệ thống Windows
Bản quyền Freeware
Nhà cung cấp Net Dragon

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 Features of iPhone PC Suite 2.6 :

- Free! - 91 PC Suite is totally free to use. Additionally, it offers free technical support, free resources downloading and installation 。free paid mobile phone resources cracked and shared by friends on the internet.
- Manage your smart phone easily and safely! - Back up and import contacts, back up and import call logs and SMS records, set the ringtones, themes and wallpapers, manage the system, memory and registry of the phone, install and uninstall software, manage schedule…you can manage all functions and settings on your smart phone.
- Chat via SMS! - You can chat with your friends and family via the SMS online on your PC easily.
- Massive resources, free to install! - Wallpapers, ringtones, themes, softwares, games and eBooks, FREE is our eternal principle.
- Gorgeous use experience! - We integrate the iPhone style in PC Suite to make you enjoy the most fashionable interface and feel the most considerate operation during your use.
• Key Technologies (iPhone Edition):
- Support 64-bit Windows XP/Vista OS
- Import/Export contacts
- Back up call logs/SMS
- Download massive wallpapers, ringtones, themes and softwares
- Convenient and practical RSS subscription
- Log off & Reboot
- Full support for firmware iPhone 3.0
- Perfect UI performance
- Phone process and system registry management
- Phone software installation, uninstallation and management
- Calendar and schedule management
- Caller location inquiry

How to change the language :

- iPhone PC Suite has the English language file included in its LangPack folder. To make it default you have to run the installer first - of course ;). After the installation process is complete, close the iPhone PC Suite and go to: My computer > C Drive > Program Files > NetDragon > 91 Mobile > iPhone > LangPack, and delete everything, excepting the "en-US.lang" file.

Changes in iPhone PC Suite 2.6 :

• New Functions:
- Added “Happy Message” function in SMS chat that allows you to insert various holiday short messages we provide into the SMS input field.
- In Apps management, added the function that allows you to import Cydia sources from iPhone to the PC Suite.
- In Apps management, added the source filter function that allows you to select a certain Cydia source to show apps in this source so that you can search apps more quickly.
- In Ringtones management, added the “replace” function that allows you to replace the system sound (such as calendar and new mail notice ring) with your downloaded ringtone.
• Function Improvements:
- Optimized the local Deb software installation function in Apps management. Now when you are installing deb software that requires the support of other software, the PC Suite will help you install such dependent software first before installing target deb software.
- Optimized the deb software support and processing in Apps management to make it more stable and reliable.
- Improved the auto-update function to make sure that your PC Suite can still be updated normally under special circumstances.
- Improved the loading logic of installed software list in Apps management to avoid unnecessary loading; the uninstallation function is also available in downloaded software interface now.
- Other function improvements.
• Bug Fixes:
- Fixed the problem that the program may crash when you delete a downloading task in Apps management.
- Fixed the problem that the “iPhone to iPhone” transfer mode may not be functional and the plugged in iPhone cannot be recognized under Wi-Fi environment in One-key Transfer.
- Fixed the problem that the prompt “No item is selected to restore” may still pop up when you have added items to the recovery list in Recovery function.
- Fixed the problem that you may not be able to subscribe news when the PC Suite fails to download and replace configuration file of RSS.
- Fixed the problem that when you enter a telephone number in SMS chat to add a receiver, the number may match with a wrong contact.
- Fixed the problem that when you enter a telephone number in SMS chat to add a receiver, there may be two identical receivers appearing in the receiver column.
- Fixed the problem that there may be two identical telephone numbers appearing on the SMS delivery success and failure interfaces.
- Fixed the problem that when you prefix an added telephone number with +86 in SMS chat, such number may not correctly match with an existing contact
- Fixed the problem that the “SMS” icon may be covered when you type in SMS content.
- Other bug fixes.

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